*spirited* honey syrup
  • *spirited* honey syrup

    These spirited honey syrups can be added to hot tea, coffee, lemonade, salad dressings or directly into your mouth. They are delightfully bright and bold. They are made by mixing the blooms/petals into alcohol and honey. After sitting for at least 4 weeks in the warm dark I slowly and carefully cook out the majority of the alcohol and strain the plant material. This process leaves a potent and delicious syrup. May you enjoy and be uplifted


    Lavender: Lavender promotes joy and happiness. She helps to ease physical tension from stress, aids in digestive upset, offers support for restful sleep and a  sense of calm and relaxation in times of emotional distress.


    Rose: Rose promotes heart opening. She elicits joy, love and relaxation. Rose can assist in easing emotinal sadness, grief and heartache.