M A D R O N E // pink pepper - nutmeg - orange blossom - patchouli
  • M A D R O N E // pink pepper - nutmeg - orange blossom - patchouli

    Elusive spice nestled into a canopy of blossoms. Hints of Vanilla entwined with deep roots. Evokes strength and mystery.


    Botanicals: pink pepper, yuzu, nutmeg absolute, ylang ylang, carnation absolute, orange blossom absolute, tonka bean absolute, balsam of peru, patchouli, frankincense


    Please learn more about our beautiful, misunderstood, and dwindling native Texas Madrone Tree at  www.themadroneway.com





      Suggested applications 

      5ml dabber. To use, turn upside down between thumb and finger. Dabb behind ears, at the dip in throat, and on each wrist. Resist the urge to rub in. Instead let the alcohol evaporate so only the botanicals are left on the skin. This will offer the longest lasting wear. 

      15ml spray. Apply one pump to each side of your neck and each wrist. Resist the urge to rub in. Allow a moment for the alcohol to dry and leave only the botanicals for longest wear. To indulge, you can spray hair or clothing at a distance.

      15ml roll-on. Apply as you would with any roll-on applicator. Wrists, neck, chest and behind ears. Resist the urge to rub and allow the alcohol to evaporate.

      Perfumes are in a carrier of pure grain alcohol.



      Suggested applications 

      Roller ball application of any size.  Unscrew cap and make several passes over each side of the neck and each wrist. Use gentle pressure to ensure the ball moves and oil is allowed to leave the bottle. Screw cap back on firmly as the pressure depresses the ball and closes the flow from the bottle to prevent leaks. Apply as often as you like.

      Oil perfumes are in a carrier of organic fractionated coconut oil.