Lavender + Frankincense Organic Bath + Body Oil
  • Lavender + Frankincense Organic Bath + Body Oil

    This is a tranquil, healing and centering blend of hydrating botanicals and nourishing carrier oils.  It has multiple uses to offer.  As an under eye serum, added to your face or body lotion when in need of extra hydration, a few dropper fulls into the bath (rub in to skin while soaking), as a luxurious oil face wash, and as a healthy lubricant for gua sha. However you choose to use it your skin will appreciate it.


    Botanicals: organic lavender, organic frankincense frereana, organic royal sandalwood, organic vetiver, organic geranium, organic patchouli


    Oils: Organic jojoba, organic fractionated coconut oil, sea buckthorn, calendula, vitamin e.