Ingot Perfume Oil
  • Ingot Perfume Oil

    Ingot opens bright like sunshine on thickly scented flowers and graciously bows to Myrrh, Oud and Sandalwood.  This was inspired by one of a kind istillations, heavy incense, and special woods.

    I was lucky to be one of the few to get this special distillation of Madagascar Elemi. Ingot will not smell quite this way ever again.


    This is intended to be worn and enjoyed by everyone.


    Sizes and suggested applications:

    5ml roller ball and 15ml roller ball: Unscrew cap and make several passes over each side of the neck and each wrist. Use gentle pressure to ensure the ball moves and oil is allowed to leave the bottle. Screw cap back on firmly as the pressure depresses the ball and closes the flow from the bottle to prevent leaks.


    Ingredients: generous amounts of botanical absolutes in organic fractionated coconut oil.



      Blanco, Texas