• Duo's

    Duos are a few of my favorite pairings using only two botanicals.

    They come in 5ml's of organic fractionated coconut oil.

    Simple and delightful.  Wear alone, or, layer in your favorite combinations.


    Lavender + Frankincense -herbal, floral, incense

    Labdanum + Vetiver -earth, smoke, rich, sweet

    Fir + Peru Balsam -evergreens and vanilla ice cream

    Cedrus + Cistus -fresh cedars and musky incense


    Oil dabber. To use, turn upside down between thumb and finger. Dabb behind ears, at the dip in throat, and on each wrist. You can rub a dabb between hands and run through hair or at the collar of your shirt. Do so lightly as not to stain clothing.

    Oil perfumes are in a carrier of organic fractionated coconut oil.



    Blanco, Texas