Blanco, Texas



Discovery Box- Bright Woods


A lovely gift for you or them. I have selected the bright and woodsy scents from my collection and bundled them here for you. Great way to start your Heartwood collection or add to it. Comes in a cute birchwood box.



Alpine - Key Notes: Colorado Blue Spruce, juniper berry, clary sage, cedarwood atlas, lavender high elevation, vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli


Indigo - Key Notes: Yusu, bergamot, jasmine, clary sage, geranium, oakmoss, vetiver, cistus


Oakmoss - Key Notes: violet leaf, petigrain, lavender, angelica root, cepes, oakmoss


Verdant - Key Notes: bergamot, geranium, rose, cistus, frankincense


Ingredients: Grain alcohol, generous blend of essential oils and absolutes.


***Not available in Oil Perfumes***