Frequently Asked Questions

What are botanical perfumes?

Foremost and personally, the perfumes I create are intended as art. To be experienced on an individual and personal level of appreciation, much as you would a painting or a song. I invite you to consider application an act of self empowerment, self care, intention and a personal gift. Technically, Botanical Perfume is the blending of plant based materials to be worn and appreciated through the sense of smell. It differs from natural perfumery in the sense that natural perfumes infer the inclusion of all parts of nature, which includes animal secretions. I use tinctures, essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extractions and concretes made from petals, stems, bark, seeds, moss, fungus, peels and resins to create an olfactory performance. I use no synthetic fragrances, and no chemicals. Ever.


Heartwood Botanica perfumes are made from pure and natural botanical ingredients sourced ethically to the best of my ability and awareness. Meaning...I use tinctures, concretes, essential oils, absolutes and co2 extractions derived from plants, flowers, resins, woods, seeds, roots, barks, fungi, and moss. I NEVER use any synthetic fragrance oils, parabens, glycols, or petro chemicals. ALL products are cruelty free and animal free. With the one exception being the locally sourced, pure beeswax used to stabalize the solid perfumes. I do not test on animals. I do not purchase any ingredients that have been tested on animals. I do not purchase any materials from companies that support animal testng or cruelty in any way.

How should I store my perfume?

It is always best to keep your fragrance away from direct heat or light, avoid subjecting them to drastic temperature changes, and keep them upright with the cap on tight. Alcohol perfumes can last indefinently and oils for years and years.

Returns & Refunds

First and foremost I want you to be excited and happy with your purchase. If there is an issue that occured in transit, please contact me immediately upon delivery to resolve the issue. All sales are final. For product safety reasons I cannot accept returns or exchnages. I encourage you to try the samples of perfume before purchasing a full size if you are unsure. The sample packs make a great gift as well.


Shipping is calculated into the cost of the item. The price you see listed is the price of the item. I use usps.

How long does the perfume last?

Botanical Perfumes do not take up as much "space" as synthetic fragrances. They wear close to the body and last anywhere from 2-6 hours. The difference is the siliage of the materials used. "Top notes" tend to dissipate quickly...20-30 minutes while a "base note" heavy scent can last all day. I tend to lean heavy on the base notes. Botanical perfumes will change as they are exposed to the air, to your skin and over the duration of wear. To get acquainted with a new perfume I suggest applying a few dabbs to the top of your hand and smelling at intervals. Giving your nose a chance to "rest" in between sniffs. For the longest wear, RESIST the urge to rub in!! Instead press the oil gently into your skin and allow the alcohol to evaporate or the oil to soak in. Apply to pulse points, behind ears, along neck, base of throat, bend in elbows, chest and back of knees. Consider applying to your hair as well.


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